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Everything is literally at your fingertips! iNet's™ single touch navigation of the mobile internet is faster and easier than other search engines like Google. Users can browse through the most popular categories, faster than ever! Without typing in a single search term, you'll find sites that were made specifically for your mobile phone.
Brilliant Web Browser
The iNet™ Web Browser allows you to open mobile-friendly sites with lightning speed! Imagine checking the headline news on CNN, quickly jumping over to Facebook to see what your friends are up to, checking sports scores on ESPN and then ordering your favorite Domino's pizza all in a couple of minutes! Once you try iNet™, you'll never go back.
The Local Mobile Internet
This isn't the World Wide Web anymore, it's the Where Wide Web! Now local businesses have a reason to make a mobile-friendly version of their website because they will actually be found in one of the most widely used mobile search engine browsers. Using GPS, iNet™ will discover websites of businesses around you. Welcome the the Local Mobile Internet!
Fullscreen Browsing
When browsing the mobile web, every inch of the screen counts. With iNet's™ fullscreen browsing option, you can surf the mobile web with ease. This can help when reading a newspaper article, a magazine cover story, or when browsing all your favorite sites. iNet's™ fullscreen mode puts the power in the hands of the user to browse the mobile internet how it was designed to be viewed.
Save Your Faves
The great thing about iNet™ Favorites is that you can make a list of all of your favorite mobile websites so that the next time you launch iNet™, you can instantly start surfing the mobile internet. If you need to access the full internet, just favorite the mobile website version of your favorite search engine and within seconds you'll also have access to every non-mobile friendly website in world. iNet's™ mobile website favoriting system is exactly what millions of mobile users are craving!
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