Meet Dr. Alfredo Hoyos



Doctor Alfredo Hoyos is a physician graduated from El Rosario University (Bogotá, Colombia). He did his specialization in Plastic, Aesthetic, Maxillofacial and Hand Surgery in the earlier mentioned university. Later he made several studies, among them as a visiting fellow in New York University (NYU) in aesthetic surgery, in Mount Sinai Hospital (New York) in maxillofacial surgery, and Manhattan Eye and Ear Institute in facial aesthetic surgery.


He is member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery (SCCP), the International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS). He has authored numerous articles and scientific papers in several publications worldwide, and served as a consultant for media and non scientific magazines.


Dr. Hoyos is the inventor of new techniques and refinements in the aesthetic Surgery:


In body contouring: the Hi-Definition Liposculpture (HDL), and its technological upgrading with a third-generation ultrasound: VASER Assisted Hi-Definition liposculpture (VAHDL); the EVE Lipectomy (Enhanced VASER and Extraction); and VASER Assisted Hi-Definition Miniabdominoplasty. Also, refinements in fat transfer as GAL (Gluteal Autologous Lipograft) and PLM (Pectoral Lipograft in Men).


In breast surgery: the Secondary Implant Mastopexy by Capsulorraphy, and the Inverted Double –Pocket Breast Augmentation.


In facial surgery: the Closed Otoplasty by Needle CON (ear reduction surgery), olecranon graft full rhinoplasty (full dorsum and tip graft), and the Inverted Alar Resection for Nose Tip surgery.


Dr. Hoyos has been speaker in several congresses and surgical meetings. He is an international surgical trainer in basic (VASER basic use), intermediate (full body applications) and advanced lipoplasty (Hi Definition) applications for VASER-assisted procedures.


Dr. Hoyos is painter and sculptor as well.




By Calvin Tan


To list down the diverse interests of Dr. Alfredo Hoyos would take a lifetime. A native of Bogota, Columbia where he maintains a thriving surgical practice, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos is an ardent painter, sculptor, an inventor with ten patents to his name and a pioneer in the field of plastic surgery, in particular the art of body sculpting.


Arguably a living art in itself, Dr. Hoyos has pioneered a technique where he is able to surgically sculpt the body to physical perfection for men and women alike using a unique liposuction technology called VASER and his own special technique. In his own words, he calls it a marriage of new techniques and new cutting edge technologies. Dr. Hoyos is able to surgically create rippling abs and six packs in men and slim, hourglass figures with taut abs in women. Dubbed as VASER Assisted Hi-Def Liposculpture, his revolutionary technique allows people to realistically achieve physical standards once thought unattainable. He has travelled across the continents, conveying this unique technique to a select number of disciples. “It is the ultimate manifestation of surgery into art,” says Dr. Hoyos, “we are changing the definition of what surgery can do for a person, we are changing lives for the better.”


A child prodigy, he began his astonishing path when he first attended medical school, at the young age of 15. He has not looked back since. Dr. Hoyos, still a youthful 36 years of age, he enjoys travelling the world over to lecture and share his unique techniques. With a list of patients that includes famous actors, models, celebrities, ex-NFL football players, top athletes and even royalty, it’s clear that he’s on the A-list in the competitive realm of plastic surgeons. Even so, he remains modest about his achievements,” I am simply helping to bring out the beauty within people.” A true Renaissance man indeed.



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